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The air balancing and water balancing systems in HVAC is anything but new to the industry. The major objective of the HVAC system is to ensure that the system operates efficiently and provides a comfortable environment. This condition can be achieved via proper water and and air balancing of the system to the required flow with consideration to the air and water supply temperature. HVAC mechanical engineers have realized that even well designed HVAC systems require proper testing, adjusting and balancing to make systems work properly. Well performed testing, adjusting and balancing work is essential to the suitable performance of building HVAC systems and indoor air quality. System testing, adjusting and balancing is the process of checking and adjusting all the environmental systems in a building to produce the design objectives.


DAB-damper air balancing inc.  has been established in 1993

and as a member of the NBCTA (National Building Comfort Testing Association) had successfully accomplished thousand of jobs in the commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Buildings


Members of DAB-damper air balancing inc. are university graduates have unique experience in mechanical design , field testing and knowledge of codes and standards in the HVAC field.



DAB-damper air balancing inc.

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